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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Elections day --2nd April 2006

Seeing that Im often alleged to have an interest in politics, I thought it might be somewhat apt to start my first day of Blog about politics. And what more fun topic than Thailand's general elections this year.
for those of you unaware, the Thai PM called elections a month ago, but the major opposition parties decided to boycott. (how truly undemocratic!!)
as you read further you will realise im not a big fan of the so-called Democrats party (as the only democratic way about them is the name of their party!)
think about it.... the beauty of democracy lies in the nature of having opposition to provide a check on the government. but what do they do? instead of trying to build and make the opposition stronger, they sit back and hand over the power to government. how very smart.
anyway, for those interested in the results, read the papers :p Im not giving reports here. just personal opinion. and no not saying Thaksin is the ultimate mr right either. but name one politician whos been in power and not used it to their own benefit? the trouble with Thaksin is that his business was already high profile even before he came into power.
ok enough politics. shall we move on to weather now?? feel free to comment on the state of hot hotter hottest. you may even vote on which you want to classify today, and the biggest vote wins :)
thats it for now....unless i feel the urge to share something else again. then you might have a second entry for the day :)
hmmm how did I not mention chocolate on my blog? Ill do one on ms chocaholic soon. chocolates deserve a special place :)



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