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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just to make a second post -- 22nd April 06

seeing that Im now being accused of the very inactive site, so here is a post just for the heck of it, just to keep this going/moving etc whatever its suppose to be called.
although I do have something to say...a good friend has returned from Aus yayyy! Im sure there will be more about him in the coming days......
but for now, lets talk a lil politics shall we? I was in taxi today and there was some radio talk show going on, and there comes this guy from Chart Thai party....forget his name....but anyway.....
they had their annual general meeting yesterday, and talked about all sorts of stuff...i wont go into details, but what i found really hilarious one point he says......we no longer have a platform to voice our ideas...our platform belong in parliament....but now we dont have that.
i wonder if the guy paused to think? His party decided to boycott the election! thats why you arent in parliament you silly! so stop whining about no platform, dont complain about something you did by choice! sheesh!
anyway, lets keep this one short. maybe more at some point...hopefully on some other topic....perhaps if someone motivated me enough :p
for now...have a good day........night.....morning.....


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