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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chocolate Marquiz de Pompodor

Id say this is the highlight of my trip this time :p We had dinner at a nice restuarant in Manila's old walled city Intramuros. The place itself was nice enough......old wooden floors et all, the food was generally ok.....nice fresh norwegian salmon salad, another nice (and big portion!!) fish of some sort....served mediterranean style......and then they brought out the dessert mmmmmm I guess this is where words like sinfully delicious become appropriate.....not that I would ever think eating chocolates is a sin :) but anyhow this was a deliciously rich chocolate terrine....which is kinda a cross between a chocolate mousse and a chocolate icecream cake....only much nicer. mmmmm

so no Max Brenner this time...but I guess I will survive :)

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