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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Presentation at Bangkok University

So I was invited to speak at a Communication class /seminar at Bangkok University. When I was first approached I wasnt sure if to feel flattered or to feel old :p see Id like to think that I havent been out of uni that long myself...but to suddenly get invited to speak there...hmmmm the day finally arrived. Didnt have much time to prepare as there seemed to be a million other things to do. Luckily the topic was about events management...something Ive been doing for quite a number of years. To add an edge to the discussion I focused on how events management can be used as a tool to affect policy change. Powerpoints etc are available...but Id rather leave that for upload on the work website. lets keep this blog non academic :P (not that theres anything really academic about the presentation. although there was background discussion on the work of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and the underlying liberal values, and also some broad overview of economic freedom and how it can benefit the poor.

end of the day??? I got a nice gift (think its a pen...yet to open it) AND a bouquet of roses. sighhhh how sweet. with such sweet gestures from the university and the students I guess they could convince me to go back to that Graduate school talk that the lecturer was starting to mention. (will be a tougher crowd though I imagine...but maybe I get a bigger bouquet) :)

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