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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The real drama....more bombs in the south!!!

Mom called...said they had lost power at the house and were going out for food. Whole street had lost electricity. Turns out there had been a bomb near the electricity plant in Pattani. Half the town had lsot power. Four other bombs in Pattani, 11 in Yala, a few in Narathiwat also with some schools burnt down. sighhhh things seem to be getting worse and worse.
Im not going to analyse the situation, cos Im so done trying. It made some sense earlier...I could still come up with some theories....but since the coup last year...things seem to be even more out of control. cant even attempt to put things under any theory anymore.

if you dont know the cause, how can you solve it? this is what worries me.....

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