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Monday, February 05, 2007

Symphony in the Park

Last Sunday (28th Jan) went out to the Symphony in the park concert at Lumpini park with Chris (the American one, friend of Dylan and Laurent). The music was quite good, with a Japanese conductor that has a very pleasant and funny style :) Chris was very well organised (and thoughtful) and came prepared with a nice picnic food.
pleasantly enough, since that morning a strange turn of temperature had taken place....with quite chilly breeze in bangkok. by evening the temp was still cooler than the average bangkok days, so it was really nice to be out in the open park, listening to the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. the only thing that was missing when looking up at the open sky were the stars! I guess with the number of buildings and lights around bangkok...that will take a hugeeee turn of events to see the sky lit up with stars :)

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