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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Do nothing in Pai

Trip up North -- Part III
another first for me......first visit to this small quaint town of Pai, which is between ChiangMai and MaeHongson. Its one of those places where the charm is the quietness and beautiful nature of the place. The official slogan of the town is --- Do nothing in Pai ---which I think is pretty cool!
the place is popular with foreign tourists, many of who stay for long periods, some even stay on to do small business --selling handmade jewelry, running guesthouses, bike shops, tattoo places and the likes.
Those that visit Pai would go on excursions, trekking trips of various lengths, elephant rides and other such tours. but since I wanted to just relax I decided to not do any of these things, but just picked up a book from the guesthouse and read. as close as I could to fulfilling the town's slogan I suppose. was nice and pleasant enough...but I didnt stay too long...I guess partly cos it was impossible to do much with daytime temp so hot that you feel your skin burn, and night time temp getting so cold that you need a warm sweater, a jacket and a scarve :p



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