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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What of Bali?

too short a trip, so I only managed to stay in the Kuta, Legion and Semenyak vicinity, with an afternoon ventured to the tip of the island to watch the sunset and one of Bali's many traditional dance that is part of its rich culture.
Kuta itself was too much like Patong on Phuket to impress me...coupled with the traffic jam!! (yes you read correct..I mentioned traffic) added in to the scores of Aussie clothes and surf shop...the place was a strange mix of relaxation, reminder of familiar places...but not so many familiar faces since although it was supposedly the high season...the place was somewhat quiet...much to do with the terrorist attacks scare given the Christmas period.
so my overall impression? leaning on the positive side definitely...just wish I had more time to go further up north of the island. reason to go back for another visit at some point perhaps :)

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