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Friday, December 08, 2006

the missing link.....

a couple of weeks before I went to Manila...I failed to report that I met Russell. ermm so hmmm who is Russell you might be asking. and well to be honest before those couple of weeks I had no clue either :) I got an email from long time friend from high school (who I havent seen in exactly 15 years!!) writes to let me know that a good mate of hers was gonna be in town...will I have time to show him a bit of Bangkok? so without even hesitating...why would I pass the chance to hear the latest updates and goss about my best friend!! and who better to hear it from (failing the obvious ofcourse) than this guy who hangs out in her living room almost all the time :)
so yeh we spent a few evenings...doing the usual dinner/drinks/dance and such...i even took him to a gay disco hehehe....but ok ok Sirocco for birthday drinks....just to show Bangkok can also have the posh side (not just the cute gay disco...which I think he absolutely loved!! hehee)
was great to meet him, and hear so much more about Navdeep....but still not quite the same as hearing it in person from you when are you headed this way :) miss you!



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