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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Casino Royale ..the new Bond

not only did I get to see it in Manila, but was also on one of those free pass. i want one of them!!! and to those complaining about Criag Daniels...I think he makes a pretty good Bond...leaving out the pretty bit :)
back in Bangkok on the weekend...and what awaits me on cable? a weekend filled Bond marathon movies on Cinemax :p saw a little bit of the Man with the golden gun (the one that was filmed in thailand years n years ago) gave me a chance to see what my neighbourhood looked like in those days :) BUT at the same time made me realise how clueless about thailand the hollywood types were in those days. the scene with 2 girls in the car? one of them says sawaddee kha, while the second goes on to speak chinese!!! not to mention that martial arts school in what looks to be a thai temple setting...hmmmmm
oh and my other evenings in night a drive around the old manila area....more reminders of India waybackwhen...although the walled city area is ofcourse what remains of the spanish era....and then theres the Bay area..not half bad. sorry no pics to share...too lazy...didnt even get one at Max Brenner afterall. although I did make another trip back there :)



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