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Monday, October 16, 2006

To thine ownself be true......

so in my true chocaholic spirit, Ive been snacking on this jar of nutella since morning. not that I need an excuse, but well since I started my work day since 7am this morning, the extra energy is justified :)
although I must admit I was reading this book last night (a thai book) the title translates to ..the magic power in of those books/manual that gives you the background to nutritional value of food substances. read and flipped through a number of pages, all sorts of things are touched on...vitamin E, C, fibre, calcium..whats good whats bad and the such
no mention of chocolates anywhere....hmmm..but mind you..this is a thai book written by a thai pharmacist. in general thais are not all that fond of chocolates, and is definitely not part of the normal diet for the bigger population. the book takes up substances that majority consume on a daily basis.
BUT ....
there is of course this site that you all should read........

definitely works for me when it comes to depression. looking for healthy blood flow and maintaining your blood pressure? chocolates may also be the answer...

want a smile? take a break...have a kitkat...or a kinder buono...or I still have half a jar of Nutella sitting in front of me :)


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