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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If I were to live in Cambodia

Im guessing Id easily turn into an alcoholic rather than a chocaholic! Wine is available in variety and much cheaper than in Thailand! perhaps half the price? cant say the same about their chocolate collection though, unless theres some hidden place I havent come across thats the specialist in chocolates around here :)
we also checked out the local restaurant/bar scene near the hotel last night. definitely a tourist town.
the dinner was another cultural experience..hosted by the Royal Cambodia Government....with traditional dance all through dinner. but having been here for 2 days or so makes me realise that Khmer and Thai culture are not just similar, they are exactly the same! at least the food and dance-wise..........just that we are more generous with our chillies :)
speaking of food, I dont know if I should feel sorry for some of our fellow delegates who were given VIP seatings at the dinner....they got served Western food apparently! while I enjoyed the more spicy version of the local food :)



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