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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Democratic Reform

by tearing up the constitution? someone explain that to does it work that way?

anyway, it is now almost 3am, and the latest announcement was to declare 20th Sept a public holiday..for government sectors and banks.including stock exchange of thailand....didnt say anything about private what does that mean for us........
heads of government departments including universities have been summoned to report to the army chief......

they had an audience with the King...the details was not shown...but they said it was about giving the King an update on the situation in the country...that things were restored to peace....i didnt feel any threat until I heard of the coup! so what peace were they restoring!!!

Im obviously not sleeping....been watching it all deteriorate....first the local channels were cut off, then the phone calls ...then the news channels on cable, and suddenly all cable is gone entirely! websites are blocked...Im surprised the internet is still functioning.....
thai baht is falling already!

and yes Im getting more upset by the minute....... so much for democratic progress in thailand! and I was just talking to a friend earlier tonight that Thailand is still wayyyy better off than a lot of countries!
and now suddenly we are back here again! how can they even claim they are doing this to return power to the people? Ive never felt as powerless as I do tonight!!

and yes I do realise Im starting to repeat myself :)



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