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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Malaysia one more time..

yes I was recently in KL again for about a week. some conference that we did there. you can find out about that elsewhere........
Id rather keep this less on the work aspect.
so how was it apart from being very very sick? kinda strange I suppose. was nice to be back there, and see some of my friends again...eventhough it didnt all work out. but the strange bit was when it suddenly occured to me that the odds of me going there again are so remote. i had this debate with myself for a few days in terms of what to do with my malaysian mobile number...which apparently Ive become attached to :)
so yeh, the dilemma of how to maintain the number that Ive used on my numerous trips in the last 2 years, when in fact I wont be in the country anymore!
PLUS, I just found out that Im eligible for some bouns points with all the calls Ive made :)
anyone in need of mobile phone credits? ;)



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