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Thursday, August 10, 2006

yes so call me slow...

yes I know that it has been months since the World cup and no one cares anymore that Zidane ended his career with a nice red color send off, or how the dutch were robbed of a fair game (sob! sob!....well some "1" does care still!!!)

anyway, just thought Id share a little bit how good-spirited the germans were during this world cup....infact i felt they were great hosts, and always fun. funny thing is the germans I met there all said the same thing...that for the one month Germany was an entirely different country, and the germans were a different people :)

PS. been trying to publish this post since last 10 days, but somehow the photos upload is not working! and Ive written 3 other more funny versions of this belated football talk, but am not gonna wait here you will just have to try to imagine the photos......

but just try to print boxer shorts, nutella jar in the shape of a football, baked bread in football shape too, and little dessert decor in football shapes, the red, gold and black flags all over car and buildings, and yes cute boys donning on football patterned napkins :p


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