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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bangkok tonight

just thought Id drop in a quick note just in case since in the last half hour my phone line is no longer working. local TV channels are just showing images of royal family and songs. and since they have done that Im guessing the internet might be next.....
lots of different versions of the coup or its attempts going on, one saying that pro-government milatary and police have managed to take control again.
now some guy going on TV to say they have taken control, they are calling themselves democratic reformers or something to that effect.......consisting of military and police.
but gee, what a mess!!! so much for no interference for the military
..dont worry, its not something we are totally unused to in thailand, only just thought we have moved past that era by now. but on the bright side, its never been a bloody we will be ok, frustrated ofcourse, especially at the leap backwards in terms of democratic process. well infact it makes me mad!
anyway, talk to you guys and gals at some point.
PS. now this email wont get sent, and suddenly Ive also lost the international news channels on my cable TV....hmmmm
yahoo seems to be working, so am trying to send this email from here instead....
AND suddenly...cable tv is totally gone! so much for the small things we can take for granted under democracy...and so much for these democratic reformers.
their latest announcement is that constitutional court has been revoked, constitution no longer in force, senate and other authorities no longer in power either. they said will submit a name to king for royal appointment as temporary prime minister.
im getting more upset by the minute I guess.....
how can they even claim they are doing this to return power to the people? ive never felt as powerless as I do today......

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