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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Streets of Bangkok 20th Sept

yes of course, being me, I had to go check it out. so this friend calls saying he saw tanks near KhaoSarn road (backpackers area, about 5mins drive from me). so we decided we'd get a couple of drinks and check out the area.
on the way I have to pass through the democracy of these round-abouts we have in bangkok, with imitation of constitution as a raised centre piece
anyway, so passing there I see soldiers standing at every 5 metres apart.....surrounding the roundabout....
the monument has a history of being the location for a number of protests demanding for democracy in the past, last time being in 1991. so I guess they were taking precautions that no one tries to do anything

but other than that streets were very quiet, not many cars, fewer people out and about



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