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Monday, September 25, 2006

Instalments of the day (Monday 25th Sept)

as said, everything here happens at a muchhhhhhhh slower pace than Thailand, this includes the internet connection. although there is wireless connection, the speed is well hmmm lets not go there.
so although theres like a million thoughts going through my head, not to mention the numerous emotions from spending the morning visiting Angkor Wat and Angkore Thom and a few other sites around Siem Reap, I will have to keep this short, but perhaps with more frequent posts
so yes, Cambodia and its people....
.......the young children laughing and playing
.......the young children who smile and greet visitors and give us little tips on the best spot for a good view
......the young children pestering people to buy their silly souvenirs :)
......the young boy pushing for more tips when they have actually done nothing but follow you around some site and talk things you dont understand....I think he was supposedly my tour guide :)
.....the victims of the landmine who you look at and never stop to wonder how the world could go so wrong, and how people so cruel.
.....then of course there is the amazing architecture and craftsmanship of the ancient city. makes one wonder what glorious days those were, and what excellent skills people had.

all this and a matter of 6 hours.........
Life is an amazing thing really.........



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