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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life amidst a military coup

a lot of friends have been asking how things are, and expressing their concern. To most countries, a military coup usually involve some bloodshed, and definitely the image of tanks and soldiers with guns automatically makes one think of violence. Thailand is still different in that regard.

In all my frustration and anger and disagreement about the coup, I do have to admit that yes they tend to be a peaceful occurence here. This one definitely has come without any incident of protest.

One day after the coup, and life seems to be going on almost as 'normal'. Streets are still somewhat quieter from what I see. strangely enough, even at the office not many were discussing it. I didnt have any discussion with any of my thai colleague, but started to talk about the various aspects, the timing etc with the german colleagues instead. Makes me wonder if this is another of the "Mai Pen Rai" Thai attitude? one of those...things has already happened, so not much use going on about it. that may be true, yet, if we always keep quiet and never voice our opinion how can we ever bring about positive change to the way things work?



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