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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Interim Constitution Oct 06

So on October 1st the coup-makers announced the Interim Prime Minister, a retired General. They also annonced an Interim Constitution, a lengthy document in thai. I will try to find some short summary in english later on. but some of the points I will highlight here now.....

Leaders of coup becomes National Security Council
They select member of committee that will draft the more permanent constitution!
Prohibit political parties from taking part, or from having any activity
Ban on gathering of more than 5 people
Restriction on press freedom, with an order to media to report "constructively"
The Prime Minister will answer to a National Assembly, comprising citizens chosen by the National Security Council (leaders of the coup)
The power to National Security Council (leaders of the coup) to join and Chair meeting with the Cabinet, for matters concerning national peace and security, BUT there is a phrase added in at the end saying, "and any other matter". This in effect means pretty much anything, and of course as the Chair of the meeting they have the right to veto any decision made by Cabinet.

there was a debate about it on one TV programme the other day, and one side was arguing that the although the clause was there, it isnt necessary that they will exercise that right. On the other side, one of the arguing academic said....yes I trust the integrity of Gen. Surayud, but it is still alarming to see this clause included in the Constitution. It basically says, at least on paper and can be invoked, that the coup leaders retain the power over the new Cabinet.

All we can do is wait and see where all this takes us.........



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