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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Exactly 4 months later....our beloved Julie

Four months earlier...on June brother calls late morning...which is nothing uncommon since we sometime talk more than once a day. Yet this call was different, when I heard his voice I knew something was was our Julie....she wasnt doing well at all. My brother starts to cry as he tells me that we might have to consider the difficult decision....he hangs up crying......I start to cry.....5 minutes later...he calls back.....and Julie is gone. in her very sweet nature...she didnt even leave us with having to make that difficult decision. some of you know that Julie is our dog....but what many dont know is that she has been with us for 20 years and a bit. She is literally family......eventhough I have a somewhat confusing relationship with her. well thats cos as a very young girl, and being the youngest in the family, when you have a new puppy you automatically become the sis. BUT when the pup is your brother's lil you then become an aunt? it was a non-issue when I was still in my teen, but as the years passed the question came up every now and stand is.....I remain big sis.......and then certain point....she became older than any of us anyhow :)

one thing thats definitely not confusing is this..... she is the love of my life......and it was with her that I discovered the meaning of true love :)

you will always be in our thoughts.........the most cheekily sneaky, sweet cute beloved Julie


  • what I should have said on the main post is...thanks to Quintus for the work on Julie's photo. Quintus is this talented Dutch artist friend :)his work is somewhere on the net..but Im so terrible at remembering links....will do it next time :) thanks Quintus.

    By Blogger Jyoti, At 7:36 pm  

  • My pleasure helping you out with the photo. Thank you for mentioning me, and spelling my name correct hehe. :)
    You can click on my name for my on-line art gallery.

    By Anonymous Quintus, At 6:55 pm  

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