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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Guess what I found in Manila!!!!

got to Manila on Sunday...and my first and general impression of Manila was this feeling of a busy, but old city...almost an air of depression in fact. got to my hotel....definitely not impressed...was old and damp, almost moldy....but then they moved me to a different floor which was slightly better
so as you can see my first impression of Manila was not all that appealing.
went out, walked about in the area nearby...the Greenbelt which is this strip of posh restaurants. looks good, and definitely much different to the other part of Manila we drove past in the taxi coming in from the taxi. oh yeah...I almost forgot to mention that arriving at the airport and the drive in reminded me so much of India delhi...or atleast what it looked like when I was last there....that was ofcourse 16 years ago!! cant say how much it has changed since though

anyway, back to Im walking around....get some dinner at a chinese place....pop into the drug store (the only place still opened after 9pm where I could get some sugar-dose to take back with me for my night time snack!) that done...I start to walk back to hotel...taking the footbridge leading back towards greenbelt.......just as Im walking on the 2nd eyes struck on this sign on wall in front of me. and GUESS WHAT Ive stumbled on!!!!
the Chocolate Bar by the Bald Man!!!!! the most amazing chocolate bar I know...and for those of you not from Sydney or the US...or even Isreal......check out .....
be sure to also watch some of the promo videos.
it was a very very pleasant I had no clue they also have a branch in Manila!!!
the next day I dutifully report it to Siggi....who in his very sweet nature....did what? OFCOURSE took me and Narwin there for a really nice chocolaty evening. my day has been made. infact this trip to Manila has been more than worth it!!! I was in a state of bliss for the rest of the night last night. might have to drop by for another visit before the week ends..... mmmmm
no pics yet though.....maybe on my next visit :)



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