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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Adopted by strays

this isnt the first time its happening to me...Im not particularly fond of cats...but for some reason I seem to attract them? In the last few weeks a stray in our soi gave birth to 3 kittys (atleast I only saw 3). They were so i left some milk out for them. yes some cat lovers told me off for it..saying milk is bad for them...but what was I to do....only have milk and prolly chocolates in the fridge at the time. besides they seem to love it! so now every night that I return home...not only are the kittys waiting with that longing look in their eyes, but so is mommy!
now a few weeks later I only see one kitty around and shes not that little anymore. wonder if I should give her a name......what do you think?
shes grey in colour..but to be honest Im not even sure if she's a she or a he hmmmmm and no I aint checking!

similar thing happened a couple of years back....only that time they looked even more pitiful than this lot! one of them died at birth....others grew and became the next generation of strays I suppose..sighhhhhh

another time I was in Sydney and a kitty followed me home.....


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