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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bangkok-Jakarta...odd reunion?

so around mid December Lily arrives as planned for the conference...only that one week before I find that I will have to leave for Jakarta while shes in Bangkok! so I thought to myself..what a bummer! here we are..about to see each other after 8 years...and I run off to where?! Jakarta!! her hometown of all places!! anyway, we manage a couple of dinners..with Lily still quite jetlagged from the US of A trans-continent flight...and another dinner trying to get in some words amongst a group of boisterous (but nice) Berkeley students! was rather interesting to be amongst students again....
anyway so off I go....wishing we'd have had more time to catch up properly...realising I wouldnt even see her in Jakarta as she heads to Singapore before finally making a stop at home. suddenly one day I get a call from Lily and shes arrived back in Jakarta earlier than planned...just the night before I fly off to Bali. so we arrange to meet dragging Lily away from her sweet Mom, who got only about an hour with her daughter...while she heads out to a night on the town. and what a night it was.....a rather strangely interesting one :p we end up at a bar of a 5 star hotel. and lo n behold..what did we find there! the same working girls that you'd find in some hotel bars here in bangkok! so to those that point the fingers about bangkok (seemingly according to those said people) being possibly the ONLY city with this might wanna rethink wink.gif
we didnt stay there too long...had a snack at the bar outside the disco (food was quite good infact), checked out the disco for a bit, listened to the band (who seemed more intent on showing off their talent than making the guests have a good time)
then we decided to head back to my hotel....where for some reason despite the 2am I thought might as well check out whats going on theres this bar, with live rock band (pretty good) place is packed!! (but guess....yep....moreeeee white men with guess who? wink.gif
we stayed there observing the crowd and enjoying the music and a few drinks....a rather interesting night I must say hehee
more on my trip later.....



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