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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 18months in review......

Following on from the year 2006 in review post...I thought Id make a distinction between what happened around the world, opposed to what happened specifically in my life for the year 2006. Then I started to think back on events, and realised that I couldnt mention my life in 2006 without going back a little further into 2005. Hence the 18months review instead....
so here goes:

Jul/ August 2005: My first ever trip to Europe. Italy, Austria and Germany
August 2005: Returned home to find out that Dad has colon cancer in addition to his heart condition
August 2005: Met a new friend at the conference on Poverty Eradication
September 2005:
October 2005: Weekend at a friend's place, continuing into a week spent with my friend.
29 October 2005: Returned home from Kuala Lumpur
31 October 2005: very early Monday morning Dad died.

Jan - Apr 2006: Monthly work trips to Malaysia
Mar - Apr 2006: Online course on Liberalism and Human Rights
Apr 2006: Official end of the EU Malaysia project on Women Empowerment / end of my time with Malaysia team of FNF (including Malaysia web editorial)
May 2006: Financial reporting for the EU project / Official start in my new capacity at Regional team of FNF
late May 2006: Mom has a little accident, an operation on her right ankle. flew to Hatyai and spent weekend in hospital with her. (had me really worried!)
early June 2006: External Audit of EU project
mid June 2006: finished writing for my first ever book!!! (might also be my only?)
23 June 2006: Julie dies....just a day before my flight to Germany. She was 20.5 years old.
late June - early July 2006: Liberalism and Human rights course in Gummersbach, germany
July 2006: watched the finals of the world cup on TV in Cologne (game in Berlin)
July 2006: sneaked in a week off to Amsterdam, Zandaam and Brussels. (managed to meet up with Bonne in Holland, Eva, Anna and Jules in Brussels)
July 2006: finally start the work on Regional team
September 2006: Organised my first EFN Asia conference in Kuala Lumpur
September 2006: trip to Cambodia (my first time)
November 2006: trip to Manila (also a first), presented a case study at a workshop organised by FNF
December 2006: Lily visits from US
December 2006: trip to Jakarta (another first, although not first time to Indonesia)
December 2006: Christmas in Bali with bank. met Jochen, Kai and Isabell
December 2006: Medical Clinic trip to Maesod with Virg and the volunteers from GAIN (Global Aid Network, Australia)
31 December 2006: Medical clinic at UN Refugee camp with GAIN

I guess I feel its been an eventful year for me.......


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