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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trip up North -- Part II


first day was spent at the Royal Flora Exposition...quite impressive.....with stalls from many countries....Holland with its ever popular tulips, Japan with its bamboo and rock sculpture garden, thailand with its amazing display of orchid decoration, and lots others. at the end of the evening there was a spectacle performance set against the background of 'Hor Khum' and light and sound. I must say it was really good, and well worth the price of 100Bht for the one day pass ticket (silly me had the multi-day ticket that cost 400Bht). Other days were spent going up Doi Inthanon, and Phuphing Ratchanivet (royal winter residence) which is like a huge flower garden!! with varied types of roses from all over the world (the Queen loves roses, and often is given seeds from people on her visits overseas), plus a visit to a small town near ChiangMai (forget the name..) where they found some old ruins....went on horse carriage ride...pretty cool, although the temple ruins were boring.
last 2 days in ChiangMai Mom and I stayed with a friend of hers and pretty much did nothing but relax, go out to eat and just sit around the house and chat. I was perfectly ok with this after the hectic schedule we had in the past 5 or 6 days, particularly so because the house has 2 lovely dogs.....they were enough to keep me company :)



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