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Saturday, February 03, 2007

....and then I get to the new year

the new year had kinda a weird strange feel to it. while the country, myself included, was in shock from 6 almost simultaneous bomblasts in Bangkok, yet somehow it didnt seem real. partly because it was so unbelievable something like that would happen in Bangkok, but I guess waking up at 5.30am and travelling to a small town on the border of Thailand-Burma to set up clinic for Karen people in the area and running the pharmacy handing out paracetamols, amoxyl, cough syrup, diacox, vitamin B, multi-vitamins, even anti-scabies have more pressing thing on your mind than to worry about bombs in Bangkok.
so whilst at the back of my mind I was still shocked and raging from what has become of Bangkok, of our lovely charming country as we knew it, it was soothing to know that despite all that we can still focus on doing the tiny bits of good......and hopefully make whatever little difference each one of us can....
was definitely a different way to start the new year for me. we even had a treat of Karen traditional dance performed for us to celebrate the new year!


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