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Monday, February 05, 2007

Living under the crescent moon

an exhibition of domestic living in middle eastern culture
I went to the exhibition this weekend (4th Feb). it was at TCDC (Thailand Creative Design Centre) at Emporium shopping mall.
Living Under the Crescent Moon is an overview of living styles in the Arab world. You’ll see the nomads’ tents of the Tuareg and the Bedouin, as well as Moroccan casbahs, magnificent court-yarded houses in Marrakech, Damascus, Cairo, and other cities, plus 20th-century buildings by architects such as Hassan Fathy and Elie Mouyal.
the exhibition was pretty good, mostly pictures and text explanation, with a number of videos and sound. the music is quite hypnotising! made me want to go visit the region, I think particularly Morocco seems very interesting. There were also some models, and one room that was a replica of a courtyard in a house...with the walls decked up with intricate mosaic work. really impressive!!

you see?? I do have my cultured moments/weekends. 2 in a row now :)

after Bangkok the exhibition will be in Singapore. or for those that arent in Singapore and missed it elsewhere, you can also get the book... here

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