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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why do movies affect us so?

is it just me? or does it happen to anyone else too?
movies seem to affect me....well not that it changes my mood and make me more aggressive if Ive watched a violent movie, but the sad ones make me cry...eventhough I know its not real?

and yes ofcourse it doesnt help if Im already in a sad mood.

anyhow...this morning I woke up and decided to flick through the channels. seems to be a animated movies day? on different channels there were: Prince of Egypt, Shrek II and one other animated cartoon movie (however you call those?)

I watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. One of those 'chick-flick' I suppose....but there are parts of the movie thats really really sad :( made me cry actually...sighhhh



  • Hey Jyoti,
    Was here and just wanted to say I loved that movie too (Sisterhood of the travelling pants). Lately, I was very touched by 'Blood Diamond', watch it if you get a chance. Diamonds not my best friends for some time to come for sure!! Cheers!

    By Blogger NM, At 10:37 pm  

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