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Monday, July 20, 2009

a young man and his dog

a few weeks ago I was walking in the city when I came across a young man sitting on the corner of Liverpool and George Street. He had a dog on his lap. I dont usually give money to people I deem to be young and capable of finding work. Somehow that day I felt different. Perhaps it was the dog sitting on the man's lap, perhaps it was how cold the evening was, or whatever the reason, I emptied out my pocket of coins and put them in front of him before crossing the road. I kept walking but couldnt get him out of my mind, so I walked back and decided Id give him my dinner. It was nothing fancy, just something I picked up from the supermarket while buyiong some chocolates. (I debated internally while walking back whether to give him the chocolates or my dinner - the selfish me won and I kept the chocolates).

I wasnt sure how he would take to being given food, but his reaction was very positive and appreciative. So I decided to ask him whether he has no jacket as he was sitting out on the street in freezing cold temp without a jacket. His response was: yes, but the floor is too cold so I have to use it to sit on.

I know there are lots and lots of poor people in the world, but for some reason his reply hit a nerve. If I were more generous or could afford more Id probably have removed my jacket and given to him, but I just couldnt. So all I managed to do was ask if he is there everyday. He advised me that yes, either there or Hay Street. Three days later I picked up anohter old jacket I have and headed off to the city, with the intention of handing it to him. I got to Liverpool and George, no sign of the young man, so I walked towards Hay Street and looked all over. Still no sign of him.

It has been weeks, but the thought still bothers me. I can hope he wasnt there because his luck has turned for the better. In the mean time, I am still keeping the jacket, just in case.


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