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Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel famous!

I was doing a search on the net for something today, and somehow came across 2 link for library books in the US. And guess what! They have listed the one and only book I wrote with my boss Rainer as their new acquisition! (ok listed in Feb/Mar 2008, but this is still 2 years after the book was published). So Im pretty happy :)

not just any uni too...was UC Berkeley and Uhio

For my friends in the US that may want to read it (haha) you can find it under DS595.2.T36 S225 2006x at Ohio
in Main Stack DS595.2.T36S225 2006 at Berkeley :p

for a print run of 3000 copies, it sure has travelled far :)

but seriously, not about bragging or anything, it is a goo read, especially for Malaysians or those working in Malaysia, or anyone that thinks Malaysia is a well developed country that is the model of racial harmony and co-existence.


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