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Friday, December 05, 2008

The so called peaceful protest

in this link are images of the vandalised government house after PAD left.
Images of Government House after PAD left ......from Pantip forum

text in thai, but the images should give you an idea. Government estimate damages to the building and property here alone to be more than 100M baht. Below is excerpt from a news story:

The actual damages will be known officially next week as assigned government agencies assess damages at Government House, occupied by the PAD protesters since August 26, Mr. Nathi said.

Although the protesters had vacated Government House, its staff are still not allowed to return to work at the building after several bombs were found hidden inside the building, he said. Bomb squad police experts will be invited to retrieve the explosives first.

Among the damages tallied in the wake of the protesters were four cars belonging to the Secretariat of the Cabinet office earlier thought to have been stolen, but one was later found abandoned at a nearby intersection, Mr. Nathi said.

Other valuable items which were missing include pistols and ammunition of police guarding Government House, Buddha amulets, TV sets, cameras, computers and cash.

PAD coordinator Suriyasai Katasila acknowledged that there might be some thieves among the protesters and that his group is ready to compensate for the lost articles.

Key PAD leaders have proposed that the government withdraw trespassing charges filed with police and to prepare a joint agreement that neither civil nor criminal charges would be taken against the protesters, said Mr. Nathi.

hmm, no charges and we will compensate. I wonder if they will also compensate the country for damages caused to the entire economy?


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