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Friday, July 11, 2008

a non appreciative cat

I dont think Marmalade realises how priveleged he is. I cooked him dinner last night. I never ever cook for myself. Certainly didnt cook for my Julie. and here I am standing in front of a stove cooking red Kangaroo meat. (have to say it was a yuk experience! that stuff smells!!)
and my reward? he ate a tiny bit of it then walked away. grrrrr what a fussy cat!
he didnt seem to enjoy the chicken either. the other night he loved it. then he wants mince pork. then the next thing, and the next. not sure I have enough creativity left in me to offer him any more choices. sighhhhhhh

Addition: he ate some more of the cooked Roo meat this evening...with a bit more enthusiasm. about time too! especially considering the torture I went through cooking that stuff!!! (made me almost literally sick! thats how bad it was!)


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