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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holland 4:1 France! what a perfect birthday gift!!

my only complaint is....and I said this even before they played...that if the game were being played a day later, it would just be perfect. (that implied my unspoken confidence that Holland would win!).
Imagine..waking up first thing Sunday my favorite team win against one of the big names in football! would be a great start to my day..and my year :)
(must admit...there was always that strange feeling seeing Henry but not wanting to support him....have to say he didnt play too well either. nothing like his days at Arsenal....maybe I should be thankful for that?)

so now Holland is at top of the group, and to play Romania in 4 days. Romania almost put the World Cup champion Italy out of the tournament early! luckily for the Italians, the second Romanian goal was ruled off-site. The Italians and French face each other, and both must win it or are out.

In other group, Croatia won over Germany! a team to watch out for as well. so are Portugal and Spain.


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