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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arsenal season 2007/2008

well the game I alluded to in my last post...the EPL match against Manchester united....we didnt win fact we lost. that puts out our hope of getting back into first spot in the race for the EPL champion.
we've had a good season...lots of young players, great plays, interesting styles etc, but obviously missing out on the finishing. Sure its disappointing to not get silverwares, especially knowing how well the team has played and how we deserved to have won so many other games but didnt. Anyhow, no complaints from me, as said..lots of young players...they will help build the team over the years. Not a bad year really, considering the comments earlier in the season when Thierry Henry left and every one had Arsenal at zero chance of winning the league. If we consider it the beginning after the last batch of those that had become big name players....then I say it wont be long before Arsenal is producing those super stars again.


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