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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First day at work

is a weird feeling...that feeling of being new...not knowing all that much or hardly anything about how things work around you.....
so there I was ..back at that point again....does feel pretty weird. Ive gotten used to knowing my way around things, and knowing exactly what needs to be done.

but apart from that...was not a bad day.... a couple of meetings already.... a bit of a chat with HR. things could get busy pretty quickly I think. some of it could be deja vu, as in preparation of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of UTS (yes thats where my new job is.....I think I failed to offered the position a couple of weeks earlier....) anyhow what I was saying is...for that celebration, they are refurbishing the foyer space, so it can be used for exhibitions. refurbishment.....takes me back to IDP days...but atleast I wont have to handle or be expected to learn about the technical/engineering/design side of things .....they actually have qualified people doing that role :) the good thing about working for a big(ger) organisation I suppose.
thats the other thing that struck me today....this is probably the first time Ive worked in a relatively big organisation. more used to the 12 to 30 odd people in an office :) lets see if I can maintain my record of being good at remembering people's names.......


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