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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My love affair with Sydney

so heres to a happy new year. I finally made it to Sydney. Now that I think about it.....I suppose I could say Sydney is kinda like an old lover :) This is now my 5th time here.....6th time to Aus...but 5th to Sydney..... I dont think Ive visited any other country more often (well Malaysia doesnt quite count....not sure if Singapore exceeds this...but again Singapore is well..ermmmm...ahhh...doesnt count either :p )
Got here after Christmas...not done much so far. Went to the Fish market with Tri and her family, had lunch with Tony, Karyn, Na and John, got sick, moved from Surry Hills to Kirribilli, opened a bank account (was declared officially "unemployed" in my banking profile!!! how sad!), went to a BBQ dinner on NYE, while ofcourse watching the much hyped fireworks.


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