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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Last days in Greece

to be honest.....the past week has been such a whirlwind of events..that Im forgetting some details...but one thing I can definitely say is.....I really like Greece...and if I get the chance would surely go back for another visit.
as to the sights...I continued to explore places like the Temple of the Olympian Zues, the Keramikos cemetary, checked out the Pereaus port....well for next time when I want to use it to get to the islands :)

I met more of Katerina's friends over a very delicious fusion Greek dinner.....Evi and Yani....high school friends who are now married..and their friend Betty. a funny lovely bunch. together with Argyrula (whose name I still struggle to pronounce..sorry darling!) whos been doctrined into the thai food appreciation gang...we will be having our thai food appreciation tour to both Thailand and Australia sometime over the next year (well keeping my fingers crossed!!).

I came back with one bottle of olive oil...(one less than I should thanks to the silly airline liquid/gel regulation etc etc silliness)

the bright side.......Argyrula even came to see me off at the airport...I feel so truly loved!! on the one hand its sooooo good....but on the other....made it difficult to say goodbye...and having to live half way across the world from each other.


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