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Friday, November 30, 2007

Kale Mera Athina

First off...I have to say...Athens is lovely!! and Ive met some really really nice people here.
took the first day a bit slow.....went into city centre taking the metro from Kiffissia...where our greek-chairgoddess Katerina lives with her sweet sweet Mom Vicky, and Dimitri...and her brother Stathios (well he partially lives here...physically in Romania..but through phone calls in Kiffisia)
so I got to station further than the Monastiraki...walked back towards Monastiraki....saw the entrance to Ancient Agora...but decided Id come back when I have a full day to explore. checked out the little nice things in the Plaka market. I just love it all!!

hopped on some unknown bus....ended up at the Archealogical musuem.....quite nice. hopped on some other bus....went past the barracks, the hilton...kept going..until I must have got to some really residential the bus, on to the metro back to Syntagma......across the road is Parliament house....saw the end of the changing of the guards...well will have to come back to see this one again wont I.....

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