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Friday, November 30, 2007

Girls..but we are in Milan!!!

well what can I say about the girls reunion weekend in Milan ....except that it was totally fabulous! We all had a fantastic time. and the catch-phrase for all the things that went right is ---- but of course.... we are in Milan!
meaning everything is possible and everything is available!!

thanks girls -- Sunay for flying in all the way from London, Katerina from Athens (what a pickup service.....all the way to Milan!) and Laura for rushing straight to Milan after work!!!
plus ofcourse also thanks to Ale our very own wonderful local guide...with all his info about every little corner and statue and places to eat and drink in Milan.

the day went somewhat like this:
Sunay and Katerina meet up ... go for some food
Sunay, Katerina and I meet up...go for some food
Sunay, Katerina, me, Laura and Ale...and 3 other of Ale's friends meet up....go for a very nice Milano style aperitivo!!
followed by a big dinner of appetiser, pizza and ofcourse some Italian wine. some red sparkling and chilled italian wine as it turns out.
the night ended at a very nice retro style bar...thanks to Francesca.

finally it was time to say goodbye to my beloved Italy.....but there is Athens to look forward to!!

ciao Italia

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