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Friday, November 16, 2007

Snow, gluhwine, fireplace, farewell dinner in Gummersbach

as you see from the title....its turned out to be quite an interesting mix of things in Gummersbach. Ofcourse on the journey to Dresden and back we already saw lots of snow, but mostly it was just seeing from behind the protected warm of our bus...with the exception of the cold rainy 2 hours walk in Weimar.
when we arrived back in Gummersbach on Saturday after the snowed quite a bit. Many of the group went out and had a good laugh throwing snowballs at each other. I reluctantly went out for about 10seconds before returning to the safe haven of central heating. The kitchen staff very kindly arranged for some Gluhwein (hot wine) for us to keep warm. Was the first time I tried it...and have to say it worked for me....sweet just the way I like my drinks....and warm. We even had a fire going on one of the evenings. I could get used to this side of winter....the warmth and cosy indoor life is what Id opt for.

too soon, it was time to say goodbye to the friends from the seminar. I dont know what it is...could be the less stress of having to worry about work, or the thought of the unknown in Australia...I feel that I opened up and was unusually friendly on this trip. Hence was quite difficult to say goodbye....well ok who am I trying to kid...I never do well with goodbyes. One by one....said goodbyes to most of the friends individually...... Ironic enough....the only person I didnt quite manage a personal goodbye to was Oren.



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