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Monday, October 15, 2007

News from burma

While Ive spent the last few days enjoying myself with some friends (Jeny is in town from Phuket..met her Thursday night...along with P Pim, then Saturday was out with P Pim again....also ran into Benedikt, Holger and Oliver.......bangkok IS a small town!!)

anyway, while all that was happening, things continue to look grim in burma. News of the junta targeting citizens whose photos appeared in foreign media, issuing statements like 'those that are calling for UN intervention are traitors, and will meet their tragic end'. Also heard from a 'friend' in burma who didnt say much, except:

"just dropping a quick line. Still here, it's quietened down a lot, but there are still troubles. Can't say too much but it's still sad.gif
Hope your well,"

The irony of it, him being in burma wishing me well, when Im sitting here hoping and really hoping that everyone there stays unharm. sighhhhhh


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