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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Solidarity with the People of Burma/Myanmar

Statement by the Liberty Network
(an informal collection of liberal individuals and think tanks around the world)

We, who are united by common principles and values of individual liberty, declare our steadfast support for the freedom of expression and freedom of association of the people of Burma/Myanmar to exercise these rights peacefully. In particular, we declare our solidarity with the people of Burma/Myanmar in their present hour of crisis, the people who have bravely faced the brutal force unleashed by the military junta against its own people. By its action on peaceful protestors the military regime in Myanmar has not only underscored its own illegitimacy, but also exposed its own vulnerability.

We call on the military regime in Burma/Myanmar to respect the popular sentiment of the Burmese people against authoritarian rule. We also call on the military to release from detention all political prisoners, initiate an honest dialogue aimed at reconciliation, and respect the ideal of political pluralism.

We, also call on the international community to support the democratic aspirations of the people of Burma/Myanmar to exercise their sovereign right to live in peace, with freedom and dignity.


NOTE: If you wish to endorse this statement, and add your name as a signatory, please send an email to


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