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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Football night .. Arsenal vs Spurs

well it was in fact a football night.....finished work Saturday evening...after a long week, not to mention the preceding chaotic week in New Delhi I figured Id earned myself a night out. So off I go...joining Martin...whos waiting in front of his ManU game. I sit through that game for the first hour....but after half time is when I start to get nervous and edging for the place to switch the other channels to Arsenal game. turns out thats not to we move on to Wall Street....where Im told Arsenal game is CERTAINLY to be on.

walk in there....lo and behold! what do I see...... bar filled with Aussies!! and amongst them Jeff and Gavin Brown. small world? well maybe not. after all we have been living in the same city these past 5 or 6 years, yet only manage to run into each other now. so I sit there, pretending to try and make some sense of this game of RUGBY! that was on the huge screen... Aussie vs Welsh. You all know that Id normally be all supportive of aussies....but not this night....I needed my Arsenal dose. was just telling Dave and Martin we'd have to leave for a different place after half hour so I can find one with Arsenal game on. Suddenly Dave walks back and tells me....oh you can watch it upstairs....and by the way Arsenal is down 1 goal! HUH?!?! remember that Arsenal tends to lose games that I dont watch!! I missed the first half...and they were losing! I needed to do something...and QUICK! finally found my way to the right TV..setlled down in front of it...and before we know whistle and Arsenal 3:1 up against Spurs hooray!!



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