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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Getting to India

took more than an hour at immigration....and still had to wait another half hour or so for my bags to arrive. to top that the hotel pick up from the supposed 5-star hotel just wasnt there. so off I go to get a public taxi...a woman cuts the queue, with another guy ready to join her...i attempt my know theres a queue here and Im waiting...woman goes...ohhh I didnt see. well doh...if you bother to look you would
anyhow...this tiny little maruti type the time we get to the hotel my hair is all messy from the dry heat...feel like a complete mess. manage to check in, but not before haing the hotel staff telling me ohhh our chauffeur is still at the airport waiting for you. right.after walking 5 rounds looking for him and asking around...oh well.....just at a loss for words

not to mention that over the next days I also find that the so-called wireless internet doesnt work in my room. this after 2 of the hotel IT guys spend more than an hour in my room trying to work it out. only to return later in the night to tell me the problem must be my laptop. ok whatever. the thing works in much less savvy IT world like Indonesia and Cambodia.....
I wonder how they would explain why that same laptop suddenly works in their ballroom...perhaps the machine has a special device that intelligently decides it refuses to work in the bedroom. my sweet laptop....being concerned for me decided I should get my sweet sleep I guess.......



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