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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gummersbach to Munich

we had another couple of days in Gummersbach before the end of the course. I have to say this group is quite the party type.....atleast 2am every night, and 5am on some occasions? the last farewell at the bar, the party went on until 5am, with some people leaving just as they needed to for their flights.
I made my 7am departure to Cologne and got the flight to Munich. by the time I took the train from the airport to Munich city, I was running almost one hour late to meet Chris! He travelled to Munich to meet me for the nice :) funnily the train station I ran into Elena! she left Cologne that same morning on the train....and there I was thinking flying should be faster!
Thomas also joined us for the first day.
Chris took me to the famous Haupbrahaus in the centre of city. we had some typical german food, beer and sausages. well I had a sip of the beer! no room for the pretzel....but Im still here for another couple of days :)
Chris was still his very thin version...he says it was since he lost weight in India some many months ago. what I dont understand could he not have put the weight back on being in Germany so many months.....when I manage to do so in just 2 weeks!!! gggggrrrrrr

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