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Thursday, August 09, 2007

London to Koln

Sunday 5th August
had brunch with Pink and Khun Som in Turnham Green, got to Heathrow to be told that Lufthansa refuse to recognise my silver status with Thai Airways and will not give me the extra baggage allowance...sheesh!
what that meant was I had to take my smaller bag on the flight as a hand luggage..and of course didnt quite think about what was in which as it turns out I had a few toileteries items in my smaller to customs....instinctive answer to the 'any liquid in the bag ma'am' was a no, the guy asked again and that was when I thought oh wait!! grrrrr and I do have liquids in there...took out my vanity hair cream....thinking....well its a cream not exactly liquid.....he rumbled through it.....saw the shampoo bottle....and i thought okfine keep that....but please please pleaese let me have my hair cream....nope cant be done....this tube is bigger than 100ml...even if theres half the content in the tube....i cant letyou take it,sorry. so what could I do? grrrr those of you that know my hair will understand why this is very I say..well can I use it before u take it away...hahaha he let me of course...but the funny part was his colleague at the other end of the hall must have seen what was going on and looked over at me laughing.....although he quickly went on to say how he 'wasnt laughing at you, just at the situation' I should charge them for providing the albeit brief entertainment to their otherwise stressful day.
and of course after confiscating my potentially harmful was perfectly ok for me to go ahead and buy the exact same product from the Boots store inside immigration area if I so wished...interesting concept.....but sure of course those ones have been through Xray and such HAHA. so why am I still complaining? well the particular Boots store didnt have the particular product I needed! more grrrrrr
got to Koln without any further events....a bit of a wait for my ride......another hour and there I am in Gummersbach once again......
(not gone out to the shops yet...but certainly the local store will not have what i need either.......) ok ok Ill stop with the my hair is a mess whinging now.......



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