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Sunday, August 05, 2007

London Day 3

The Tourist comes the tourist....
started out at Buckingham Palace, then walked towards some Guards House....went by Downing Street...but neither Blair nor Brown were in headed towards Westminster Parliament House and big Ben instead. From there went down the Thames walk path.....British Gallery, London Eye and continued on until we got to Tate Modern Musuem. Keith joined us here.....spent a couple of hours looking at 'modern art' ....some pieces you really have to question..and yes Im sure many will argue about oh what is art....but seriously! a huge canvas of blue colour with stabs of yellow in one corner and red at the other corner? hmmmm

from there took the tube to see the Statue of Eros...then the cinema area of Trafalgar Sq, walked into China Town....quick stop to check out the price of Pocky....then continued on to Soho...another short stop there, before moving on to Carnaby Street..met Scott for drinks there, and Audrey joined us at the bar later
Navdeep cooked a nice pasta for dinner tonight....mmmm yum! I loveeeee Italian food! .......and a few other Italian things : )



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