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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Manila....3rd time lucky?

well not quite....
started out as a good trip I gotta say....those that know me will know I tend to do things in the last minute, including getting to the airport at the very last possible minute especially if its a morning flight! (need that extra half hour of sleep :) Anyhow..since Mom was in town that night...she was all panicky and pushed me to get there big thanks to her...else I wouldnt have run into Firoz there. must have been roughly 10 years since we last saw each other....he's now reached his dream of becoming a pilot...and guess what...hes getting married this November!! CONGRATS!!

so Im in Manila this time...for a conference on the set up of an ASEAN Human Rights Commission....and for once Im starting to feel there is some concrete step likely to come out soon. About time too! The group RWG have been working on this issue since 1993.

other than that.....well met up with a friend here....went out to dinner the first evening I got here (Saturday 14th July) and a really nice dinner last night. walked past Max Brenner twice...but didnt quite make my date with him yet. Maybe I will have better luck tonight?


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