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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My birthday...another 'day' older

So last Friday (June 15) I turned another day older....Mom flew up to Bangkok to spend a couple of days with me...went out to dinner with Mee and Via...P Ang and her 3 nieces and nephew joined us.....Mee wanted some to try some healthy thai food....not sure I can rave about it :) could be ok for a light lunch meal perhaps..we practically ordered EVERY non-beef dish on their menu....with some orders repeated twice...not cos it was so good...but just needed more :p

anyhow next day was another food day...went to a popular Chinese restaurant in China town... 'Tang Jai Yuu'....was so full that we had to wait for our table despite having a reservation! food was good.....and there was SOOOOOOO much of it that even with 9 people there half of it needed to be packed!

Birthday wishes-wise .... the usual brother being the first together with calling me on the dot of midnight :) he even bought me a gift from Singapore.... Tony arrived the morning of my an SMS followed by a phonecall from him... Albert with his card arriving exactly on the day! Claudia...Richard..Toby.... will be seeing Tri for dinner later this week.... is always great to hear from my friends and lovely that they remember my Bday..... yet have to admit that I wish one other person would remember......but oh well.....


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